Cute Concoctions

The Cute Concoctions line is all about cute cakes to celebrate those we love without going overboard. This line of cakes provides the best of both worlds. Cakes made from scratch with delicious buttercream, and fondant accents to dress things up a bit. The goal for Cute Concoctions is to give you a cute cake at a great price. All designs will allow for some customization. Each cake will only be pictured in one size, but will be available in multiple sizes each priced separately. 

*~.Servings quoted are for party size slices each approximately 2x2x4 inches. You can sometimes tweak the serving sizes to your needs by adjusting the serving size.~*

** The prices listed are for basic cake flavors: white, chocolate, or marble with basic vanilla buttercream. To choose from the full assortment of cakes and flavors listed on this site you can plan on spending an additional $0.25 or more per serving depending on the flavor you choose. For an exact quote please contact me. **

*~. Ram's Birthday Cake .~*

A Cute Concoctions Cake
Check out this St. Louis Rams Birthday cake for a 10 year old little girl. This cake done in buttercream with Fondant accents is now part of the Cute Concoctions line. You can customize this cake with your favorite Sports team, their colors, your age, and name. This one was for a little girl, but we can easily make it more masculine.

*~. Polka Dot Smash Cake .~*
A Cute Concoctions Cake
Photo By Amanda Conley Photography
This adorable little guy needed a smash cake for a photo session with Amanda Conley Photography, so we did this cute little buttercream cake with fondant accents.  It was simple but fun, and best of all perfect for sticking little toes in :) 
Check out Amanda Conley Photography and more of her amazing work!

A Cute Concoctions Cake
Photo by Amanda Conley Photography
This cake can be customized with your child's name, age, and three of your favorite colors!

*~. Buttercream and Bows .~*

A Cute Concoctions Cake

This cute buttercream cake is simply decorated with a big ribbon and bow. You can chose from several ribbon style options: zebra print, vertical stripes, polka dots, or plain. When choosing your ribbon color you can choose the base color as well as two to three accent colors. You may also choose the color of your buttercream. Add a tag with a name and age for no extra charge.

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