Wedding Cakes

*~. Sunflowers and Burlap Wedding Cake .~*

This four tier square wedding cake with offset tiers featured a burlap ribbon in the middle of each tier, tied with twine. Sunflowers, burlap roses, and wispy greenery cascaded down one corner of the cake, beautifully accenting the rustic buttercream covering the cake. The cake sat upon a custom made barn wood cake stand and a personalized wire cake topper made of authentic rusty wire. The topper was a little lost in the the photograph, but looked beautiful in person.  Going along with the S'more dessert provided for guests, we made a s'more cake as well. Chocolate cake, marshmallow buttercream, puffed marshmallow, crumbled graham crackers, and chocolate sauce filled the cake.

*~. Vintage Ruffles Wedding Cake .~* 

This week I was able to make two cakes that I absolutely loved. This two tier ivory wedding cake sported vintage style ruffles. The imperfect ruffles are absolutely part of what made it so beautiful. Pearl filled rolled roses clustered accented the elegant single tone design. 

*~. Square Harley Davidson Wedding Cake .~*

This week I got to do a custom design for a bride having a Harley Davidson Wedding. Instead of featuring an actual bike we decided to simply make a cake featuring Harley colors. This three tier square cake featured an orange, red, and black tier with clusters of fabric roses and chrome leaves. A chrome border with black pearl accents edged each tier. Red and gold wire accents completed the whimsical cake while remaining classic enough to still feel like a wedding cake. 

*~. Pearl Encrusted Wedding Cake .~*

The family of this beautiful couple were not fans of fondant so instead of covering the whole cake we just used it to accent the pearl and dragees encrusted buttercream. Ruffles edged in sugar crystals and "fabric" flowers with colored pearls pulled the bride's colors into the design, without venturing too far into a whimsical design. 

*~. Rhinestones and Ruffles .~*

Rhinestones and Ruffles brought elegance and bling together in this beautiful four tier wedding cake. While I loved this cake, it wasn't nearly as stunning as this beautiful bride. She put together an amazing wedding. The gown, the decor, and the venue were all tributes to her impeccable taste.

*~.Clusters of Roses .~*

This elegant four tier wedding cake featured clusters of handmade white roses. Scattered pearls and a pearl border added a beautiful touch without making the cake appear too busy. Turquoise scrolls added a touch of color and really accented the rose clusters.

*~. Fire And Lace .~*

Biker babes love lace! This couple was really cool, and were having a Harley themed wedding. Instead of doing a traditional wedding cake we did a single tier with airbrushed cupcakes for the masses. We used tiered cake stands and stands of all different heights throughout the dessert area. For the cake itself, I airbrushed a flame pattern, and covered it in black lace. The design was finished with handmade black roses and airbrushed flames. 

*~. Calla Lilies and Pleats .~*

Mountain Biking is a big part of this couple's relationship, and they wanted to honor that without going overboard. So I made a stone trail under a custom wire bicycle cake topper. The bride loves Calla Lilies, but wanted to maintain a natural look where the lilies didn't appear to be arranged. With my background as a florist that was a tall order, but I think we pulled off an elegant look with these draped sugar calla lilies. 

*~. Buttercream and Burlap .~*

Textured buttercream, burlap ribbon tied on with twine, handmade burlap roses, and a willow creek figurine created a rustic elegance that was perfect for this country wedding. The wedding was held in a beautiful old barn with the guys in cowboy hats and the girls sporting boots under their dresses. The cake paired beautifully with the venue, and has become one of my most repinned cakes on Pinterest. 

*~. Tractors and Fences .~*

This rustic outdoor wedding was absolutely stunning, and I was so honored to make the cake! There was so much detail to this cake that I wish everyone could just see it in person! Miniature dragees looked like nail heads holding the rickety fence together. Each post and rail was hand cut, and a wood grain applied. Tiny sugar flowers and vines subtly pulled the wedding colors into the cake. A Montana Silversmiths's tractor cake topper was the perfect finishing touch. Because the groom was a hunting enthusiast, we tucked away a camouflage cake inside as a little wedding day surprise. This was such a fun cake for one of the most amazing couples I've ever met, and I was thrilled by how well it suited their personalities! 

*~. Draping and Fabric Roses .~*

A Custom Confections Cake
What an amazing  couple! These two were so sweet and so fun. The bride had several ideas we were discussing, but she wanted to do something a little less traditional than you usually see in small-town Idaho, and when she heard I had pinned this cake to an inspiration board on Pinterest, she threw out the other designs. We draped a white cake in ivory, and added various shades of green fabric roses to tie it in with her decor. This animal lover chose a dove topper which just so happened to work beautifully with the design!

*~. Colored Tiers and Fresh Flowers .~*

The decor at this wedding was stunning, and luckily the cake fit perfectly with everything.  Airbrushed tiers were accented by fresh flowers and scrolls in this unique wedding cake.

*~. Independence Day Wedding .~*

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than with a wedding? This couple did just that. We wanted to do a red, white, and blue cake without it becoming tacky. Real ribbon and a swag of handmade sugar flowers dressed up rigged buttercream for this beautiful Fourth of July wedding cake.

*~. Beach Front Wedding .~*

This navy quilted cake with silver dragees was for a beautiful beach front wedding at Bear Lake. A handmade fondant net and sugar sea shells adorned one corner of the square cake. 

*~. Stargazing Butterflies .~*

Sugar flowers are beautiful, but sometimes fresh flowers are irresistible These stargazers smelled absolutely heavenly! Handmade sugar butterflies were wound in and out of the trail of fresh flowers. As you can see from the tablecloths we were able to tie in all the wedding colors perfectly. 

*~. Whimsical Wedding .~*

A Custom Confections Wedding Cake

The subtle colors of topsy turvy cake made for a whimsical design that managed not to look like a birthday cake. It was very pretty, and the middle tier scrolls were absolutely stunning in person. 


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