Sculpted Contraptions

*~. Sculpted Dragon .~*

So I think this is the most fun I've ever had making a cake! This sculpted Dragon cake had so much detail, it was ridiculous. I have to say though, the birthday boy's reaction made it totally worth the many, many hours required to make it! Happy birthday to the cutest two year old on earth!

*~. Mad Hatter .~*

This was probably my favorite cake of all time. I doubt another will ever seem as awesome! We made this for a little girl who loved Alice In Wonderland. So I replicated Johnny Depp's had as closely as I possibly could, and hand painted a tea pot. Both the hat and the teapot were made of cake, and everything else was made of fondant... except the feather. This cake looked like it would tip over at any second which was perfect because it so reflected the crazy tea parties and the world of whimsy that is Alice In Wonderland.

*~. Cowboy Hat .~*

When a man refuses to go anywhere without his hat people soon decide to celebrate his love for it with cake. Thus became this replica of the birthday man's hat and the Harley Davidson pin he wears on it.

*~. Dino On A Skateboard .~*

This silly dinosaur riding a skateboard was the highlight of this birthday party. The entire dinosaur was edible, so the kids at the party deconstructed him, eating one tooth or toenail at a time until  there was nothing left to pick off of him. 

*~. Vintage John Deere .~*

Sculpted vintage inspired John Deere Tractor for the son of a farmer. This was the second sculpted cake I'd ever done. It was such a challenge to figure out how to support the cake so the body off the tractor was lifted to the appropriate height. I had so much fun making it, though, and the experience was awesome!

*~. Owl In A Party Hat .~*

The birthday boy's big sister thought it would be fun to have a cake that said "Look 'whoooo's' turning to!" with an owl on it, so that's just what we did. The owl was sculpted completely out of cake and sat on a single tier. 

*~. Syringe .~*

This is one of my older cakes, but it was a fun one for a medical professional. The syringe from needle tip to plunger was four feet long. 

*~. Rifle .~*

This sculpted rifle cake has been pretty popular. It is hard to see all the detail, but trust me when I say that they're their. I took extensive pictures of this gun, and tried to duplicate every single ridge, gizmo, or gadget. The hand painted wood grain was also very detailed. This cake only comes in one size, which is life size. Servings is hard to determine on a cake like this-- but I would guess you can serve around 15 2x2 inch slices.


*~. Baby Giraffe .~*

I have to admit-- I went a bit overboard with this cake! It was a baby shower cake for an absolutely amazing lady and I found myself all caught up in the details. As with all my sculpted cakes, I sculpted this cake by hand without any specialty pans. The cute little giraffe and miniature tiered cake sat on a nearly exact replica of the baby quilt I found on the gift registry for the shower. It was even cuter in person, and one day I'd like to make a similar zebra cake :)

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