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Local Event Planning Recommendations 

My list of our Community's Most Talented Businesses

Soda Springs Floral

160 E 2 S Soda Springs (Next to Family Dollar)

Amanda Conley Photography

Amanda Conley Photography Blog

LAW Music Services
Karaoke and DJ Entertainment


Treasure Peddler
Custom Favor Boxes, Bags, Tags,  Albums, and Chipboard Cutouts 

Treasure Peddler@aol.com

*This list will continue to grow as I find people who I am confident recommending* 

My Wedding Story
Why you should use the best!

When planning your wedding or special event it's easy to get caught up in the bottom line. When planning you need to decide what the most important part is to you. As a bride, I did that poorly! My bridesmaids were all of the starving student variety, along with some of our groomsmen. We felt really strongly about paying for their dresses and tuxes out of our budget.  The only problem was other sacrifices had to be made. I found an amazing photographer, but he was out of our area and it quickly became too expensive to include him in our wedding plans. Instead I took a recommendation from a friend who had family photos done by a photographer they loved and I booked her at an amazing deal-- or so I thought. 

The big day rolled around and my DIY wedding wasn't what I'd envisioned. I'd bought all my decor on sale here and there, and while it all seemed like it should match, it really didn't accomplish the look I'd been going for. Right as I was on the verge of falling apart Soda Springs Floral arrived with my wedding flowers. They were absolutely stunning! Marie had taken copious notes during our consultation. She then took my ideas and likes and made them better. With the flowers on the tables my eBay wedding suddenly tied together. The flowers fixed all the problems I'd had with my centerpieces. My bouquet was stunning, my bridesmaids bouquets were amazing! The heart shaped wreath on the door of the church was elegant. I've often, and truthfully, said that the flowers saved my wedding. 

My photographer had never done a wedding before and frankly she wasn't up to the challenge. Do you realize how much confidence it takes to whip forty people into shape for a photo? No? Well neither did she. The photos were poorly lit, and when I received my proofs they were nearly black. The few outdoor shots we got were ok but unoriginal. I'd asked her to come up with some fun shots that were a little less traditional, but instead the only photos I have (of those that I can use) are stiff shots of people standing side by side and smiling at the camera. From my whole wedding I have around fifteen group shots that I can use. The rest were junk. Luckily family and friends were snapping photos throughout the night and I ended up with some decent photos, but nothing like I imagined when I'd have when I hired a photographer. 

As a gift to me, my cousin did a videography. Bless that boy! For all the lack of photos I still have everything on video. He interviewed our guests, and even my husband and I and compiled it all into an amazing collage of thoughts and well wishes from the people we love. My wedding was so busy that I didn't get to spend a lot of time with any one person, so it's awesome to have them on video like that. This was something I never would have paid for, but after having it I can say without a doubt that it would have been worth cutting corners elsewhere to have it done. If you're toying with the idea, I say go for it! What an amazing experience. 

The reception was fun, the food was great, but the idea of playing mix CD's was a bust regardless of how great the songs were. Our traditional first dance wasn't danced to our song, because the CD was mislabeled and we couldn't find the song. We didn't have anyone to announce. There was no one to get people dancing, so very few people did. That was a bummer for me, because I didn't want a somber event, I wanted a party. After it was all said and done, I wish I'd sprung for a DJ! At very least I should have found someone to be in charge of the Microphone. Actually, I should have had a microphone to begin with :/ 

So learn from my mistakes, decide what is important to you and make sure whoever you hire can deliver a quality service! Remember, that even if your flowers are ugly you have to pay for them. If you're photographer messes up you can't go back and reshoot with someone who knows what they're doing. If you go with a bargain basement price, you are usually going to get bargain basement quality. Some thing are important, and they're worth paying for quality! 

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