I always recommend delivery for weddings cakes, sculpted cakes, and cakes three tiers or bigger because they are less stable and more likely to tip. Depending on my schedule delivery will not always be available. If you are promised delivery at time of order, that will not change. However, if you choose to pick up your cake, you may not be able to change your mind at a later date. All delivery locations are at my discretion to reject. For example, if I feel I cannot get a cake safely to its destination the delivery may be refused at time of booking.

  • Grace: $10 (23 miles /40 minutes)
  • Thatcher: $15 (38 miles/1 hour)
  • Bancroft: $10 (28 miles/45 minutes)
  • Soda Springs: $15 (37 miles/1 hour)
  • Georgetown: $25 (73 miles/1 hour)
  • Montpelier: $30 (95 miles/1 hour 50 min)
  • Preston: $30 (90 miles/1 hour 50 min)
  • Lava Hot Springs: $15 (35 miles/50 min)
  • McCammon: $20 (60 miles/1 hour 20 min)
  • Inkom: $25 (80 miles/1 hour 40 min)
  • Pocatello: $35 (105 miles/2 hours)
  • Logan: $50 (145 miles/3 hours)
  • Other: $0.50/mile round trip + $10/hour

Delivery is determined by calculating the round miles to delivery point, estimating a fuel cost based on my vehicles performance, and allowing for 8 per hour for my time. Occasionally I am asked to deliver outside of this zone, because of the risk associated with moving a cake that far, as well as the time and expense involved those deliveries will be calculated differently.

~.* Because of the variety in the size and shapes of the cakes I create, I do not use cake boxestherefore they need to be transported carefully. If you choose to pick up your cake, you assume responsibility for the cake at that time and refunds will not be available. However, if your cake is damaged I may be able to fix some issues. Always feel welcome to call me in these cases! If I can repair the damage, I will. *.~

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