Custom Confections

Want something a little more personalized? No problem, I can help with that too! You can submit inspiration photos or just tell me your ideas. I'll work hard to incorporate as many of your ideas into your cake as possible. Custom cakes cost a bit more, this is because of the amount of time I spend on them. I don't know that I've ever made a custom cake in less than eight hours. I'm a perfectionist and try to get your cake as close to perfect as possible. Prices on custom cakes will be quoted individually based upon size, cost to create, and labor.

*~. Minecraft Birthday Cake .~*

A Custom Confections Birthday Cake
Alex was turning eight and wanted a Minecraft birthday cake. So I made him this cute two tier cake and incorporated several aspects of the game. This cake was a gluten free white cake with vanilla buttercream.

*~. Monster Truck Birthday Cake and Matching Cupcakes .~*

A Custom Confections Birthday Cake

Connor was turning three and his grandma wanted to make the day special with a fun monster truck birthday cake. So we made this cute two tier cake and matching cupcakes to help his celebrate his big day.

*~. Big Bend Lady Vikings Birthday Cake .~*

A Custom Confections Birthday Cake
Mackenzie is spending one last birthday at home before heading off to Big Bend Community College to play basketball for the Vikings. To celebrate both milestones her mom ordered this cute custom cake just to say I love you and good luck. 

*~. Horse Shoer's Birthday Cake .~*

This custom birthday cake featured everything the birthday boy's family said he loves. His job, his horse, his dog, and collared greens. The sculpted chocolate figures where modeled after his actual pets.

*~. Snowboarder Birthday Cake .~*

Michael's mom wanted to give him a fun birthday cake, so she decided to focus on his favorite thing... Snowboarding. She sent me some photos of Michael in his gear that I used to make a custom figurine. The snowboarder stood on his board, coming over a peak. Pine trees, rocks, and snow covered the cake to complete this fun winter scene.

*~. Monkey Love .~*

This single tier topsy turvy cake was for a little girl who loves monkeys! the fondant was applied to look like a cartoonish frosted cake, with colorful pearl sprinkles and a bow.  The girly monkey was entirely edible, as was the candle held by it's tail.

*~. All About Nick .~*

A Custom Graduation Cake

Nick is an awesome kid with tons of interests, so instead of just celebrating graduation his mom decided to celebrate all things Nick. 

The cake itself was decorated In Grace school colors- plaid on bottom and diamonds on top. Along with a graduation cap, diploma, and GHS 2014. As you can see, Nick played football, was prom king, loves the minions from Despicable Me, Star Wars, light sabers, Harley Davidson, and Green Day. 

Hope that through this cake you can get a glimpse of just how amazing this kid is!

*~. Monster High Birthday .~*

A Custom Birthday Cake

This adorable Monster High birthday cake was a fun and colorful with the perfect bit of whimsy. Hand painted logos, and sugar flowers were set off by crazy candles of varying styles and heights.

*~. Hunter's Nightmare .~*

A Custom Birthday Cake

How to you tell a hunter happy birthday? By giving him a cake of his worst nightmare of course! A fire blazing, gun leaning against the tree, and an elk making his way through camp while the hunter is sound asleep inside. This cake is entirely edible including the elk I hand sculpted out of chocolate.

*~. Ombre Ruffles .~*

A Custom College Graduation Cake

Ruffles cover a square bottom tier, and scattered pearls cover the top round tier to create a beautiful cake that's both colorful and elegant. A large flower with a couple smaller flowers give this cake a classy finish. 

*~. Pink Cowgirl  .~*

A Custom Birthday Cake

Harper wanted a pink cowgirl cake, so that's just what I gave her. Pink fondant hand painted to look like a bandanna, and a cowgirl decked out in pink riding her pony, were accented by handmade flowers in various shades of pink, red, and blue. and finally a custom made belt and buckle to finish things off. 

*~. Girly Sports Cake .~*

A Custom Birthday Cake

Shaylee was a student athlete who wasn't much of a tomboy. Though her school year revolved around the sports she was playing, off the court she was ultra-feminine. So I made this stacked ball cake with handmade sugar flowers to capture both sides of her. Both balls are entirely made of cake, there is no foam on the bottom half. All decorations are edible, so other than the support structure this cake was entirely edible. 

*~. Birthday Girl's Design .~*

A Custom Birthday Cake

When I first started decorating, a family came to me with their daughters sketch. They explained that she really wanted me to use her sketch to make her cake. I had to swap her top and bottom tier, but other than that I was able to use her design almost exactly. I loved this cake for a couple reasons. One, I thought the tospy turvy shape turned out really fun. Two, the colors looked great together. Most importantly, though, is three-- this is a cake I never would have designed. I love the way it turned out, but left to  my own devices I never would have made it. So bravo to Brittany, you helped me grow and have a super cute cake for my collection!

*~. Ice Fishing .~*

A Custom Birthday Cake

This ice fishing cake featured a figurine sculpted to look like the birthday man, he had his tackle box, and a fishing like disappearing into the water. The bottom of the cake featured an underwater scene as a rainbow trout takes the bait. Handmade fish, logs, and river rock encircled the cake as well. 

*~. Little Cowboy .~*

A Custom Birthday Cake

Bandanna print on top with a custom made belt and buckle, and cow print on  bottom with a handmade rope made this a super fun birthday cake for a little guys's first birthday. This is one of my favorite boy cakes ever!

*~. Mission Impossible Mouse .~*

A Custom Birthday Cake
So this cake seems totally random, and my photo is absolutely awful, but it was really fun so I'm posting it anyhow. This cake was bought by the birthday boy's coworkers, apparently he'd had a mouse loose in his office for weeks. He had set traps for it every night, but come morning the bait would be gone but the trap wouldn't be sprung. So as a joke we did a mission impossible style mouse hovering above the trap as he attempted to steal the cheese. Other than the wire holding up the mouse, everything was edible. 

*~. Nursing Fashionistas .~*

A Custom Graduaation Cake

A group of ladies went through nursing school together and became great friends. They'd been stuck in scrubs for as long as any of them could remember, but they all loved fashion. So to celebrate their graduation we made a nursing fashionista cake. A figure of each girl in her uniform is posed upon the cakes in a mock photo shoot. The side by side tiers covered in vertical ruffles, were draped in fabric roses. While the figures weren't nearly as beautiful as the real deal, they were all hand sculpted and 100% edible. 

*~. Pheasant .~*

A Custom Birthday Cake

I made this cake when I was very first starting out. There are a lot of things I'd do different if I were to make it again, primarily making a taller tree stump for the pheasant to sit on, or making a different base altogether. I was really happy with the pheasant itself, though, so I decided to go ahead and post it again. I wish I'd photographed the pheasant better, there was so much detailing with the feathers and the colors. I hope you can get a glimpse of that. 

*~. Cascading Butterflies .~*

A Custom Birthday Cake

This was an adorable little birthday cake!  The single tier topsy turvy cake had a cascade of sugar flowers and butterflies trailing over a two tone purple swirl cake. Each butterfly was individually painted with it's own design.

*~. Whimsical Swirls .~*

A Custom Birthday Cake
A Custom Confections Cake
This cake would be adored by almost any tween girl! The topsy turvy design was covered in swirls, the base crusted in pearls, and handmade fabric flowers and ruffles cascaded around the cake. The flowers were inlaid with pearls as well. It was so bright and fun, and perfect for a young cheerleader.

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