Diddly's Delights

Scrum Diddly Cakes is proud to present a new line of cakes called Diddly's Delights! 
This new line preserves all the qualities you have loved about Scrum Diddly in the past for a new low price. Every cake is still baked from scratch, you still get my delicious buttercream, and even handmade decorations. You are probably wondering why these cakes are less expensive. These cakes are specially designed to be beautiful but take less time to create. Most of my custom cakes take a minimum of eight hours to bake and create. I simply cannot offer them at the prices available with this new line. The goal for Diddly's Delights is to give you a full fondant design at a reasonable price, and all designs will allow for some customization. Each cake will only be pictured in one size, but will be available in multiple sizes each priced separately.

*~.Servings quoted are for party size slices each approximately 2x2x4 inches. You can sometimes tweak the serving sizes to your needs by adjusting the serving size.~*

*~. Pretty Princess Birthday Cake .~*

This adorable Pretty Princess cake is now available as a part of the Diddly's Delights collection. An edible crown sits atop a quilted and pearl inlaid top tier, then transitions into the petal covered bottom tier featuring an ombre effect. A large fondant bow sits beside a medallion with the birthday girl's name and tiny hand painted butterflies. You can customize this cake by featuring your child's favorite color and adding their name. 

*~. Olaf's Wonderland .~*

"Olaf's Wonderland" is a two tier tribute to Disney's Frozen. 
Customize this design with your child's name and age!

*~. Petals and Pearls .~*

"Petals and Pearls" features handmade "fabric" flowers and crusted pearls make a memorable combination in this single tier cake suitable for multiple events. Customize yours by choosing a primary color and two accent colors. Add a name or age for no extra cost.

*~. Silly Monster .~*

This silly monster cake and smash cake were made for a baby boy who was fondly referred to as "Monster" since he was about a week old. Both cakes are 100% edible, but the smash cake was made with minimal fondant accents in order to make it easy for baby to eat. Customize this cake by choosing a primary color and three accent colors. While I typically think of boys when I think about a monster cake, this cake could easily be made more feminine if done in pinks, purples, and orange with a big bow. We can add your child's name and age at no extra cost. This is also a great cake for Halloween parties!
*Small monster sold separately*
Servings will have to be estimated as cakes are cut in nontraditional form. Servings listed below are based on the size of the cakes that were used to cut from. 

*~. Mud Bath Piggy .~*

Everyone thinks I'm silly, but my favorite part of this cake was the piggy bum. The little details are make the difference between a great cake and an ok cake, but they're so often forgotten. This cake can be customized by changing the bow and flower color, changing the eye color, and even adding glasses. You can choose to go with a peach piggy instead of pink as well. We could also transition this into a more masculine cake by making the pig pale peach, omitting the bow and using eye brows instead of eye lashes. 

Servings will have to be estimated as cakes are cut in nontraditional form. Servings listed below are based on the size of the cakes that were used to cut from. 

*~. Rifle .~*

This sculpted rifle cake has been pretty popular. It is hard to see all the detail, but trust me when I say that they're their. I took extensive pictures of this gun, and tried to duplicate every single ridge, gizmo, or gadget. The hand painted wood grain was also very detailed. This cake only comes in one size, which is life size. Servings is hard to determine on a cake like this-- but I would guess you can serve around 15 2x2 inch slices.

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